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MCECD was granted the authority from Commissioner’s Court to serve as the county’s addressing authority. As such, MCECD’s GIS staff have assigned over 68,000 addresses since 1992, beginning with the conversion from rural route numbers to street addresses.

To speak with the GIS staff please call (936) 523-5911 or email

Information needed to accurately assign an address:
 When you call or email for assistance with an address we need the following bits of information to accurately assign your address:

  • What is the name of your subdivision?
  • Lot and Block #, if applicable: Section, Block and Lot(s)
  • What street do you need addressed?
  • Where are you located on the street?
  • Address of the nearest neighbor on each side of you.
  • Do these neighbors live North, South, East or West of your house/business, and how far away are they?
  • Driving directions to your house/business.
  • Description of the house/business.
  • Is your house/business visible from the road?
  • What is the nearest intersecting street?
  • Any other miscellaneous information that would help us locate your property and accurately assign your address number.

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