MCECD was granted the authority from Commissioner’s Court to serve as the county’s addressing authority To obtain a 9-1-1 address, contact the GIS staff at (936) 523-5911 or email

Information needed to accurately assign an address:

  • What is the name of your subdivision?
  • Lot and Block #, if applicable: Section, Block and Lot(s)
  • What street do you need addressed?
  • Where are you located on the street?
  • Address of the nearest neighbor on each side of you
  • Do these neighbors live North, South, East or West of your house/business, and how far away are they?
  • Driving directions to your house/business
  • Description of the house/business
  • Is your house/business visible from the road?
  • What is the nearest intersecting street?
  • Any other miscellaneous information that would help us locate your property and accurately assign your address number