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Chip VanSteenberg, Executive Director

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9-1-1 is the most recognized and remembered phone number in the country.  When those digits are dialed, special procedures within phone company systems kick in to send the call and caller location to appropriate 9-1-1 call center.  A complex network of public safety agencies are in place to respond to each 9-1-1 call based on location and type of emergency.  The staff of Montgomery County 9-1-1 is proud to partner with the police, fire and emergency medical agencies on the front lines.  We are just a part of the process, but we are dedicated to develop and maintain systems to connect callers as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

At Montgomery County 9-1-1, we work to ensure all citizens of Montgomery County can easily and quickly obtain the emergency services needed to protect life, health or property.  Our mission is to provide systems which allow anyone, at any time, from any place within Montgomery County, using any kind of telephone to connect with emergency service providers by dialing 9-1-1.  Our staff members are public stewards of the trust and the assets of the citizens.  Therefore, we place high regard on the following values:

  • Conducting affairs and maintaining records as transparently as possible without violating statutory limits on privacy of proprietary and confidential information
  • Treating all citizens equally and respectfully
  • Cooperating and collaborating with the public safety answering points, emergency service providers, emergency management personnel and neighboring jurisdictions to improve communications with citizens
  • Continually improving the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the district’s work efforts.
  • Leading within the 9-1-1 community by implementing new (but proven) technology and by developing and following the best practices of the industry
  • Maintaining and protecting district property at the highest possible standards
  • Safeguarding public funds through good internal controls, current policies, long-range financial planning and responsible budgeting.