As the Public Education Coordinator for Montgomery County Emergency Communication District, I am committed to educating the public within our county about the purpose and the proper use of the emergency phone number 9-1-1, as well as the technical differences with various types of telephones.  I work closely with the Texas Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC), the Texas 9-1-1 Educators, and the NENA Education Committee to develop and promote consistent educational messages related to 9-1-1.

MCECD provides 9-1-1 public education materials and presentations for all ages. Day care and school age materials align to the education standards for the state of Texas for grades K-3 in the areas of geography, government, health and social studies. Along with young children, I also work to teach older children, adults and senior citizens. Presentations are given upon request as well as tours of the Primary and Secondary Safety Answering Points for those interested in learning more about 9-1-1 communications.

Public Awareness is an important piece of 9-1-1 education.  We participate in several local events to spread the word about 9-1-1.  If you have an event coming up and you would like us to attend, please let me know.